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Should You Be Making Estimated Tax Payments?

5 MIN READ Should you be making estimated tax payments? Hard tellin’, not knowin’. Fortunately there are a few quick checks to help determine if you should fork over some money to...
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Are You Properly Tracking Assets and Liabilities?

4.5 MIN READ We review a lot of books here at FA Bean Counters, and time and again we see a common mistake when it comes to balance sheets: not all assets and liabilities are...
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How to Deduct Auto Expenses

7 MIN READ If you use your vehicle for business purposes, you may be wondering if and how you can deduct this auto expense from your taxes. The short answer is yes. Business use...
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Meet Your Bean Counters

5 MIN READ Merriam-Webster defines a bean counter as “a person who helps to run a business and who only cares about money,” but we know our Bean Counters here at FABC to be so...
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Cash vs. Accrual Accounting: What’s Best for Your Business?

4 MIN READ Cash and accrual accounting are the two main methods of accounting, and knowing the differences between the two and how each one works will help you choose the best...
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Deducting Charitable Contributions: A Guide for Small Businesses

3 MIN READ Giving to charity sure does feel good. Just ask the 75% of small businesses that donate to charities each year. But, as a business, it might feel even better if you...
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Are Entertainment Expenses Tax-Deductible?

3 MIN READ Remember the good old days when you could take a client out for a round of golf and then deduct the expense from your tax bill? Well those days are now a thing of the...
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Recordkeeping: Setting the Record Straight

5 MIN READ As a business owner, recordkeeping is a non-negotiable necessity that can impact the success of your business. While you’re legally obligated to keep certain records,...
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How to Determine Who Receives a 1099

4.5 MIN READ When it comes to 1099s, many business owners find themselves in a guessing game, wondering what exactly the rules and requirements are. This is a dangerous game to...
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Are You Paying Yourself Properly?

9 MIN READ As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Often times, especially in the early stages of your business, you’re both rowing the boat and steering the...
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